The Best UK Delis

A Deli Counter

Any well worn traveller will know that there are two thing you should never have to find yourself doing when visiting a city:

1. Looking for a McDonalds just so you can use the Wi-Fi.
2. Looking for anything like a McDonalds to get food.

Across the UK there are great delis hidden in plain sight in some of our town and cities. Walk through any major city centre and you’ll see somewhere selling the best meats, sauces, cakes and beverages you won’t ever see in the supermarket aisles.

How do we know this? Well here are 4 great delis to help show you exactly what we mean.

Celinos, Glasgow
Just on the east side of the city centre, Celinos is an award winning deli that has everything you’d ever need to make the perfect dinner. It also helps a lot that they can make a tasty meal too if you’re only visiting. When you do find yourself in the area and looking out for what to try, there is no better food to recommend than their chicken liver pate. Grab a tub of that, some bread and you’ll be in lunch heaven.

Lunya, Liverpool
Smack bang in the middle of Liverpool One, Lunya is a Catalan style deli selling some fantastic Spanish wares. While most Catalan food can be a bit hit or miss (especially if you’re not a big fan of fish) this cosy store/restaurant has some fantastic meats, sweets and snacks on offer. Grab a bag of Kikones if you’re peckish. It is toasted corn coated in salt and taste just like peanuts.

Wallys, Cardiff
You can find a little bit of everything under the roof of Wallys. It has become an institution for anyone in Cardiff serious about where they get their food for over 60 years now. You’ll be able to pick up food for practically every kind of cuisine under the sun, although a little peruse over the olive counter is worth the trip.

Nife Is Life, Everywhere
Being a deli that can be anywhere at anytime can seem like a feat, but this online Italian deli is arguably the best in the UK if you want to get the highest quality Italian ingredients delivered right to your door. For nearly a decade now, the site is the best resource if you know you have a fancy dinner to prepare for and want the right ingredients on the kitchen counter when the time comes. They usually have offers on too when you buy as well, so keep an eye out for that.