Dental Retainer Tips

Tips for Wearing Your Retainer

Generally speaking, if you’ve been assigned a retainer, that means you’re in the home stretch in terms of straightening your teeth once and for all. Your days of dealing with braces are behind you, which can make it that much easier to get lazy when it comes to the retainer portion of your journey. Don’t let your dedication suffer now, though. Instead, put the following tips to good use and you’ll get the straight teeth you deserve. They’ve been very kindly provided by the team at , a top cosmetic dental practice in Glasgow.

Wear It as Prescribed

Whatever your orthodontist tells you in terms of wearing your braces, do it. Now is not the time to start playing fast and loose with the rules. If it becomes extremely painful to wear or you have other problems, definitely let them know. Otherwise, take their instructions to heart.

Remove It When You Eat

This should be easy enough to remember because trying to eat with your retainer in should be just about intolerable. That being said, it’s just as important that you put it in its container when you’re not using it. Too many people lose their retainer because they forget to put it in the container it belongs in.

Brush Your Retainer Daily

Anytime you brush your teeth, you should be brushing your retainer as well. At the very least, you want to make sure you give it a good cleaning at least one a day (though you should still brush two or three times). Fortunately, all it takes is some toothpaste and warm water to get the job done and you can use your brush for scrubbing.

If you neglect to do this, a couple of regrettable things will happen. First, you’ll have awful breath. Even with all the brushing of your teeth you’re doing, all the bacteria left on your retainer will ensure your breath smells positively awful. However, that’s not all that bacteria is going to do. When you reinsert your retainer, that bacteria will enjoy feasting on your teeth all over again.

Practice Speaking with It In

At first, your retainer may make it difficult to talk. You may also have some trouble with reading, singing and any other common chores you use your mouth for. However, stay dedicated to practicing these basic tasks and you’ll quickly find they stop being a problem.

People who take their retainers out for these things find the opposite is true. Worse still, they may eventually get in the habit of taking it out altogether and hurting their straight teeth in the process.

Examine It Once a Day

Whether you want to do it at night before you go to bed or first thing when you wake up, you need to examine your retainer on a daily basis. This way you can be sure to replace it if something’s wrong. The only way a retainer can properly do its job is if it has all its pieces in place, so carefully look it over every single day.

Keep It from Extreme Heat

Your retainer shouldn’t be in your mouth if you’re drinking hot cocoa, tea or coffee. You also don’t want to keep it in your pocket or on the dashboard of your car. All that heat isn’t good for the materials the retainer is made out of and is bound to compromise it eventually. If the plastic were to bend even a little bit, you may not notice, but your teeth will.

While wearing a retainer may not be fun, it’s essential to getting that perfect smile you’ve already worked so hard for. Keep the above advice in mind and you’ll have an easier time completing this final stage of the process.