Delaying Your Period Before a Holiday

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A woman’s period schedule is heavily controlled by hormones which regulate the entire process. Any alteration in the level and secretion of these hormones will definitely change the arrival of period which is why emotions such as stress and exhaustion can alter the cycle as they influence hormone production. However, even falling into massive stress is not a sure way to delay a period which poses the question; why would women delay their period?

Period Suppression

It has become quite common for women to delay their period for holiday or other varied reasons. The basic underlying science is that introducing artificial hormones that mimic the roles of hormones produced in the body ultimately affects the time women will have their period. It is medically referred to as period suppression and involves using certain hormonal supplements or injections to prevent period or simply delay its arrival for given days. Period suppression is unlike contraceptives which usually remove the possibility of pregnancy for the specified duration of time. Rather, delaying periods is something done out of convenience to keep your period off a few more days. So why would women delay their period?

Considering Period Suppression

The reasons for delaying this cycle are quite obvious and straightforward. Many women today do it for holidays and official/social functions. There may be an important event coming up, during which there is no room for anxiety, cramps, pain or any other distress. Delaying the period until after such engagements would be worth considering. When going on holiday, the ultimate goal is to have a wonderful time, which can be difficult if you are expecting your period to arrive anytime. It can change your moods and cause various distresses and pain making it hard to concentrate on fun times and activities. There are several other preferential reasons why any woman would choose to delay the natural process.

How It Works

The artificial hormones come in the form of period delay tablets which contain norethisterone which is a form of the female hormone progesterone. It is usually associated with strengthening the uterine wall to prevent it from shedding away as it often does during menstruation. You are required to begin taking the tablets at least three days before your anticipated period and keep taking them for the time you want to remain undisturbed. You should not take more than 5mg per day and the maximum number of days within which you can safely use period delay medication is 17 days. Take the tablets thrice a day at the same times every day.