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Choosing a Courier – Questions to Ask

I do a lot of travelling, both in the UK and abroad, and one of the banes of my life is trying to move stuff I need around with me. Over the years, I’ve found reliable couriers in most countries I’ve visited, and believe me, when you really need your paperwork fast, these guys can be lifesavers.

If you’re looking for a reliable courier company in the UK, look no further than Monarch Transport, who operate a series of courier services throughout the UK, delivering same day, next day, immediate pick up and storage, and catering for all types of freight and documents from individual letters to full pallet loads.

Based in Glasgow, Monarch are are highly respected freight road haulage business and their bright orange livery is often to be seen up and down the motorways of Britain. Monarch courier services were added into the mix of services available at the behest of many customers who required specialised guaranteed delivery services for a range of their own businesses.

When you’re choosing a courier company, make sure that the offer clear guidelines with respect to the following :

Courier rates – you need clear pricing
availability – are they available 24-hours per day ?
Do they deliver dangerous and hazardous consignments ?
Are they properly insured?
Do they provide a packing service ?
Do they provide guaranteed delivery?
Do they provide tracking for customers?
Are the clear as to any limitations on number of parcels, size of parcels or weight of consignment ?
Can they pick up immediately ?
Are the fully licensed and do they operate from secure premises
Do they provide storage ?
Daily provide same day and next day deliveries to international destinations?
What is the proof of delivery policy ?

This last point is particularly important as it will include information around how many times they will try to deliver a parcel or consignment, what the returns policy would be in a situation where they cannot deliver, and also their procedures for dealing with anything damaged in transit.

A courier service is simply the best way for you to get your important documents or goods into the hands of your customer in the fastest time possible. For safety and security and a full guarantee of successful delivery, courier services such as Monarch transport offer you peace of mind and fast efficient guaranteed service.

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